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Unlock Your Potential with arkoz: Leading AI-Powered Talent Solutions. We excel in scalable tech talent acquisition, utilizing AI-driven assessments and expert insights throughout the talent journey. From software engineers to niche tech experts, we provide top-tier professionals to elevate your company. Stay ahead with us: Harness AI for precision-matched talent that accelerates your business growth.

    What has to offer, rooted in heart of Silicon Valley, emerges as pioneer AI consulting partner. We understand the tech landscape, equipping Silicon Valley companies with innovative AI solutions. Our local presence and AI expertise set trends, turning your AI challenges into opportunities. At, we don’t just follow trends – we set them. Partner with us to transform your AI challenges into opportunities, leveraging our local advantage and global expertise.
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Why Choose arkoz:

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Setting New Standards in Technical Talent Acquisition and delivery
  • Niche Vendor in the areas of Data Science / AI, Advanced Data
    Engineering, Product Engineering.
  • Expert-Led AI Evaluations with Scores.
  • Swift, Efficient AI Trend Pioneers.
  • Tailored Client Approach.
  • Flexible business model - T&M and One time placement.
  • Geo - India (Banglore, Hyderabad), USA (San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara, Bay Area).
Partner with arkoz - Where Talent Discovery with AI Meets Business Success.
Why Talented Professionals Choose arkoz: Elevating Your Career Path
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AI-Driven Matching
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Expert Guidance
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Unparalleled Opportunities in sync with Gen-AI trends
Invitation to Open AI Devday
Highlighting our industry recognition, was honored to be invited to the prestigious Open AI Devday. Our CEO, Ravi Arikapudi, had the unique opportunity to engage in a thought-provoking dialogue with Sam Altman, discussing future AI trends and collaborative potentials
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Expert Team of Multidisciplinary Professionals
DALL·E 2024-01-29 14.22.32 - An image showcasing an Expert Team of Multidisciplinary Professionals at, with a green and white color theme. The scene includes a group of boasts a diverse team of AI/ML Engineers, Data Scientists, Software Engineers, and Cloud Experts. Our rigorous selection process leverages tools like Glider AI and Coderbyte to assess technical and interpersonal skills, ensuring only the finest talent for our clients.
Success and collaboration driven
Our track record includes successful candidate identification for Hexaware and Applied Materials (Screening across hundreds of profiles and honing on client fits in days), affirming our reputation as a trusted partner in talent solutions. We assure that  we always  have  enough number of candidates in our pipeline to meet up the client's requirements. 
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Key Differentiators (Unique Selling Points)

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Internal research and engineering team, keeping up with trends and pushing gen-ai boundaries .Factual test reports that give comprehensive candidate fit analysis and scores. Technical, communication and application of skill to real world scenarios Accelerated response times and business flow, making it efficient and hassle free for clients Pipeline with 70%+ immediate joiners, ever evolving talent pool (excelling in Gen-AI space)

Our Offices and Website

USA Legal Name - ARKOZ LLC (

Primary Address - 17 Nathan Pl, Danville, 94526,


Additional office locations available.

India Legal Name - ARKOZ AI Pvt Limited     

 Primary Address - 17-1-388/64a, Lakshmi Nagar,

Saidabad, Hyderabad 500059.   

Additional office locations available.